пятница, 3 сентября 2010 г.

A little mix

У меня накопилось много фотографий.
Я буду опубликовывать их частями=)
И, кстати, наступила осень!
Хочу теплую осень!

At me many photos have collected.
I will publish their parts =)
And, by the way, there has come autumn!
I want warm autumn!

Jacket - Mango
Blouse - Stradivarius
Jeans - Bershka
Booties - Сити Обувь
Clutch - Peacocks
Bracelet, earrings - Diva
Jacket - New Yorker
Blouse - OGGI
Skirt - New Yorker
Bag - New Yorker
Bracelet - Diva

4 комментария:

  1. your favourite film is sex and the city??? also i love it...on my blog you can't lose photo about sex and the c. like your dress kisskiss

  2. great pics!!!thanks so much for stopping by!1


  3. Yes, I love the serial and the films Sex and the City! =)))
    Thanks, girls for your comments!