среда, 31 марта 2010 г.


All know that black is a universal colour. More often in clothes I choose bright colours (pink, beige, violet), but it is not necessary to forget about classics! =)

Sorry for bad quality of photos ((

Coat - New Look
Scarf - New Yorker
Skirt - New Yorker
Clutch - New Yorker
Boots - Centro

понедельник, 29 марта 2010 г.

My sister and me!

I adore to go shopping with sister! We each other fashionable advisers!

1. Trench - Bershka
Leggins - Bershka
Ancle Boots - Zara
Bag - BeFree

2. Trench - TopShop
Ancle Boots - Zara
Stockings - Calzedonia

3. Vest - New Yorker
Blouse - Mango
Shorts - Terranova
Bag - Zara

4. Jacket - Bershka
Blouse - InCity
Bag - Zara

5. Jeans - Bershka
T-shirt - New Yorker
Bag - Mango
Shoes - Bershka

суббота, 27 марта 2010 г.

This photo has been made as this autumn.
On a thermometer +4.
I want warm spring and new photos.
This skirt I wear seldom, but the outfit as a whole it has turned out quite good)))

Skirt - Modis
Jacket - Seppala
Vest - New Yorker
T-Shirt - Terranova
Belt - Terranova
Bag - OGGI
Shoes - The footwear house

пятница, 26 марта 2010 г.

Last autumn, a little sports in clothes)

Sometimes so you get tired of heels and a glamour) It would be desirable to put on gym shoes, jeans, jacket and simply to walk on a city)))

On me:
Jacket - Savage
Jeans - Bershka
T-shirt - Terranova
Gum Shoes - New Yorker
Bag - New Yorker
Sun Glasses - Vero Moda

On Denis:
Jeans - TopMan
T-shirt - Seppala
Boots - Tervolina
Bag - Pull&Bear
Belt - Cherry Tree

четверг, 25 марта 2010 г.

Part of my cosmetics

1. Parfum - Covet, Sara Jessica Parker
2. Deo Antiperspirant - Nivea angel star
3.Lip balm - Yves Rocher, Blackberry
4. Nail Polish - Rimmel 60 Seconds, 819 Green with envy
5. Nail Polish - Rimmel 60 Seconds, 809 Blue me away
6. Lip balm - Sephora girls, strawberry
7. Fragranced Baim, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Cherry
8. Lip Gloss Kiss Kiss, Cherie ma Cherie, Baby Doll
9. Natural Retouch Concealer, Oriflame
10. Mascara - Rimmel Volume Flash
11. Glam Shine - L'oreal, Natural Glow
12. Lip Gloss - Maybelline Watershine Gloss, Cutie Pie

As you see, I adore lip glosses and balms)))
And this only their part)

среда, 24 марта 2010 г.

In general I not so love shorts, but to these shorts a 3 year, and they looks as new, because i wear them very seldom)
These shorts with the overestimated waist, but i never so wear them.
Shorts is better look, in my opinion, with heels, shirts, jackets, blouses, T-shirts...

1. Shorts - Terranova
Coat - Seppala
Blouse - InCity
Bag - OGGI
Shoes - Mango
from above, Bag - Zara

вторник, 23 марта 2010 г.

Recently I like to wear coats.
The main thing that it well "sat")))
I love coats with a brooch and if it is not present I pin brooch)

1. Coat - OGGI
Blouse - Mango
Jeans - Bershka
Shoes - Mango
Clutch - OGGI

понедельник, 22 марта 2010 г.

A very similar)))

The ancle boots my favourite footwear!!!

I have noticed that mine ancle boots  Zara are similar on Serena ancle boots  from the Gossip Girl))) I love this serial)))

1. Serena and your mom Lili)))
2. On me:
Ancle boots – Zara
Jeans – Bershka
Blouse – Reserved
Jacket – New Yorker
Bag – New Yorker

воскресенье, 21 марта 2010 г.


Only one year ago I was almost the blonde.))

These photos of 2008, Turkey

1. Skirt - OGGI
T-shirt - Terranova
Sandals - Seppala
Bijouterie - InCity
2. Dress - Promod
Sun glasses - New Yorker
3. T-shirt - Vero Moda
Shorts - New Yorker
Sun glasses - New Yorker
4. Blouse - Sasch
Scirt - Mango
Sandals - Seppala
Sun glasses - New Yorker
5. Dress - Mango
Sandals - Seppala
Sun glasses - New Yorker

The leather Leggins have subdued me for a long time)))
They perfectly underline a silhouette
It is possible to carry, both with heels, and without)

1. Marina Linchuk
2. Nicole Scherzinger
3. On me:
Leggins - Bershka  
Jacket - Mango
Boots - Zara
Bag - OGGI
T-shirt - Terranova
4. Leggins - Bershka
Jacket - New Yorker
Boots - Zara
Belt - Kira Plastinina
Blouse - Peacocks
Bag - New Yorker
5. Leggins - Bershka
Jacket - New Yorker
T-shirt - Terranova
Boots - Zara
Bag - Befree

I love my shoes (Mango) and bag (OGGI)

By the way, this bag I saw in the "Gossip girl". =)

суббота, 20 марта 2010 г.

Different photos

In the street spring)
I read ELLE March. In a fashion as always trench . In my opinion very irreplaceable thing convenient, beautiful. It is possible to carry and with shoes, and ботильонами.

"The hit which has become by a symbol of a fashion. It can be double-breasted, with the coquette, epaulets, a turn-down collar, thongs-fasteners, a belt, with a cut … Trench carry both women, and men!"
1. Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2010
2. Magazines
3. On me:
Trench - Bershka
Shoes - The footwear house
Clutch - Peacocks
4. On me:
Trench - Bershka
Dress - Befree
“ankle shoes - Zara
5. On me:
Trench - Bershka
Shoes - The footwear house
Waistcoat - New Yorker
Shorts - Terranova
Blouse - Mango
Clutch - Peacocks