воскресенье, 13 июня 2010 г.

My passion

You know, I adore costume jewellery. Any bracelets, rings, earrings, a beads.

Has decided to spread out all on colours. Here that has turned out =))

At me not many green things))

All shades dark blue, washing last passion))

I adore things of violet colour

Lilac colour such darling =)))

Red colour very juicy and bright.

Cute pink!!!

My chest with a lip gloss!!!

My favourite bag and earrings this summer

I adore these earrings Tours d'Eiffel and a suspension bracket - a dress

Favourite ringlet-butterfly and chain with a heart
I adore this large beads

White with silver

Hello Kitty!!! =)

Mmm...delicious =)))

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  1. Love this post! The blues and the purples are my fave!! So glad I popped on by today :-)

  2. Thank you!
    Oh yes, These colours my favourite too!

  3. Love all the color coordinated sets! The blues are definitely my favorite

  4. is all that ur cpllection??
    AWESOME!!!! i like the blue stuff collection^^

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  5. Becca, Thank you, i love too!
    Blue - my favourite too =)))

  6. Queen D, thank you so much! =)))
    But It only a collection part)))

  7. nice blog. i like the pink collection