четверг, 8 апреля 2010 г.

Ideal combination

Every day the sun all becomes brighter! The present spring comes to a city.

You know, I have fallen in love with a leopard print since the winter. At first a scarf, then stockings, then clutch and so on))

I like a combination of this clutch with a scarf.

They as though are created for each other!!! =)

Jacket - Stradivarius
Jeans - Bershka
Scarf - New Yorker
Clutch - New Look
Ear ring - Lady Collection
Bracelet - Shmotka

11 комментариев:

  1. Gorgeous outfit I love leopard print too and I will be wearing it this summer xoxo

  2. nice jacket and nice scarf!!!

    pass to my blog and follow me if u want :)

    xoxo francesca

  3. Love your leather jacket and earrings, georgeous:)

    xo Factory Girl

  4. love your outfit!! your jacket & clutch is amazing!! i love leopard too!!

  5. Oh wow I do love your earrings :) They are so blue! *adore*

    Love love love,



  6. if your outfit was a window then your earrings and bracelet would be the view of the ocean! the blue is so pretty!